Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adobe CS3 Gradients

Gradient Screenshot
Well, I was thinking about what to actually do this this blog. For this post, I have decided to post up something pretty easy, and I find it sort of neat. I took a few hours out of my night last night to create the gradients for Photoshop that resemble the new, and quite controversial, Adobe CS3 icons. I think they are pretty neat, but many people may argue otherwise. I got most of the names for software that isn't released yet from luxuryluke on flickr, located here. All too often it seems that people look at something and rule it out immediately, which brings on the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover". This saying holds true in this case, considering Adobe holds the digital editing and creation market pretty tight, no matter how ugly the icons look.

For those who don't know, or just aren't familiar with Adobe's new look, here is the style:

Adobe CS3 Gradients

Well anyways, for using these in Photoshop, the gradients will usually come out better if you use the radial gradient, but you can get away with the linear gradient if you position it correctly. Anyways have fun with 'em!

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Luke Dorny said...

Oh, wow. This is handy for reference! Thanks!

(finally found this months later)

Jason McIntyre said...

Wow thanks ... this is a great set of gradients.

Justani said...

thank u

projectautomatika said...

Beautiful set of gradients!