Thursday, August 2, 2007

Typography I

Today I'm looking at typography: not really the main structure of it, but just some neat things. I have gone through and found many different fonts that I love and cherish, and I don't think that my work would be the same without it. Now don't get me wrong, the basics like Arial, Times New Roman, and just serif and sans-serif fonts are the best to use whenever you are working with actual web site fonts. Defining them using CSS for your paragraphs and such would be the best way to be the most accessible, but if you want to add some flair to the work that you do in Photoshop or Flash, I would suggest some of these fonts(Note: the headers are also links to download the fonts).

I know that I talk about Digg a lot, and I mention it beyond the reason of just saying "I like the site". I love the design, all the graphics, and all the back-end coding as well. But what won me over from the start was it's fantastic logo. The font FFF Forward is so simple, but yet it still looks like nothing else out there to date. It really is one fantastic font, and maybe adding your own touch(such as a gradient) will give it your own unique style.

I had looked around for a while before I found a font like this. This is one of those goofy fonts that can sort of fit in with everything, depending on how you apply it. Although it's main purpose seems to be used for a Comedy Club logo or for the next Mickey Mouse video game, I would suggest giving it a download and checking out out, you may be surprised with what you get.

Ah, the classic Nintendo. Good times with those wonderful games, and the fonts that they used! The Press Start font is a mimic of the fonts that you would commonly see in the Super Mario games, and many other games during the 8-bit and 16-bit days of video games. This font may be just what you need to dress up your new arcade site, or to give your home page a vintage feel.

The Mad Scientist font, I think, looks somewhat like what a Mad Scientist would have, but it really doesn't capture the essence. Nevertheless, don't judge a book by it's cover(remember what grandma used to tell you?). This font, although hard to explain, has some nice effects that can be achieved when edited in Photoshop by using the smooth, strong, crisp, or sharp anti-aliasing states.

Pascal is a nice little font that may remind you of art class in High School. I'm guessing you took art that way you didn't need to take Honors Chemistry or AP Calculus, something like that? Well, this font can find itself into many different uses, and it is a very clean font as well, as long as you have some type of anti-alias applied to it. It's pretty thick as well, so being able to apply different text effects to it is a major thumbs up. Although it is not the font for a serious business look, you may want to download it just for your next little project you do.

And there you have it, 5 nice little fonts that you can download right here right now and use. I hope you enjoyed the list, and maybe I can post up another one in the future. If you find any awesome fonts online, feel free to post them in a comment on this post. Until next time!

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